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About Me

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In 9th grade, I wanted to be a DJ, so I designed and built my own sound & light equipment, and started playing at high school dances in the area. Soon after, I began reading the morning announcements over the school PA system, and that's when my voiceover career started!

After graduating from Berklee College of Music with a major in Music Production and Engineering, I moved to Los Angeles, and began a fruitful career as a recording engineer. I worked on records, films, tv, commercials, etc, in just about every musical style you can imagine, with a ton of incredibly talented people.

After freelance engineering in over 100 studios in LA, I realized there was no standard 'studio management software', so I created Studio Suite. The software went on to be used by leading studios in over 55 countries, and allowed me to travel & work with studios all over the planet. I sold Studio Suite in April 2019, and have since set my focus back to my voice, mainly because people tell me at least once a week "You have a great voice - you should do voiceovers!"

So... here I am!


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